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We are a technology company that specializes in software solutions using AI, DATA SCIENCE, MACHINE LEARNING, and BI. We are passionate about helping our clients in solving complex problems and making better decisions. We believe that data should be used to empower people and organizations, and we are dedicated to making that happen. Our services include R&D as a service, Digital Transformation, customized advanced application development and process analysis.


Solutions for any Data & Analytics Challenge

We crystallize data with the help advanced data analytics techniques from MACHINES THAT PERFORM FUNCTIONS. Use this data to perform various activities such as learning, planning, reasoning and problem-solving. 

Our Expertise

At Navaantrix, we help companies plan and execute:

A connection between Enterprise Architecture & Technical Architecture

Complex and Ambiguous technology solutions fail. Enterprise Architecture encompasses all of these things and more. We can keep complicating things, or we can just confess that we're looking for business-technology alignment by developing a dynamic business technology strategy. Read More

Virtual development teams & Custom software services

Virtual Analyst, uses predictive algorithms and machine learning to deliver insights into anomalies impacting your business. It lets you automate the most common and expensive data science workflows to identify what’s driving unusual behaviors in your data. Read More

R&D Centre Setup (Support Data & Analytics System)

A blend of traditional out sourcing with innovation of off shore business presence. Organizations require a Center of Excellence to progress their data and analytics projects across their lines of business and the desks of the CIO, CTO, CDO, and CFO. However, no matter how big your team is, you'll need complementary skills to meet both today's and tomorrow's demands. Read More

Build Augmented Business Applications

The fact that a tailored furniture blends in the home better is undeniable; the same goes for the custom apps. Of course, sometimes a modular furniture can do the job, but if you need to shine and showcase your place, then a customized solution can do the trick much better.  Read More

Design data-driven products

AI / ML / NLP is the answer to today's "Tornado of Textual Data," which is posing a threat to businesses. It's a one-stop solution for extracting and organizing textual information from your logistical files, internal documents, and digital media. These solutions can go through your data, making it more structured and useable while also saving thousands of hours of manual effort.  Read More


Brewery Analytics

Case Study

Brewery Analytics is a Business Intelligence software that the breweries can use to analyze the business and track the progress. The software includes features for tracking production, sales, inventory, and customers. It also provides a way for breweries to track their financial performance and compare it with their goals. Brewery Analytics is easy to use and helps breweries save time and money.

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Marketplace, multi-skilled, conversational strategists focused on achieving successful business goals.

There are many ways to begin the journey towards optimizing, improving, and growing your business, and Navaantrix has uncovered different practices that are being used all across the technology industry. With Navaantrix Managed Services organizations are equipped with the best practices, insights and trends, and expert advice.

Our designs improve your ability to know your customers better than they know themselves, thus enabling you to hyper-personalize your engagement with each of them and massively increase your customer retention.

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